Adelaide Rustic Hire

Terms & Conditions


These Terms and Conditions apply to any supply of Equipment and/or Services supplied by Adelaide Rustic Hire to the Hirer. 

Adelaide Rustic Hire means C.A Redford and H Whitbread Trading as Adelaide Rustic Hire (ABN 44 253 263 716) 

Agreement means this agreement or specific details as listed in the quotation, tax invoice or booking confirmation email 

Booking means any written booking or order made by the hirer to Adelaide Rustic Hire for equipment and/or services 

Business Day means any day that is not a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday in the State of South Australia 

Date means the hire date or event date as stipulated in the quotation, tax invoice or booking confirmation email 

Deposit means the deposit as specified in the quotation or booking confirmation email with tax invoice payable to Adelaide Rustic Hire, by the hirer, under this agreement.  

Equipment means the items specified in the quotation, tax invoice or booking confirmation email issued to the hirer by Adelaide Rustic Hire 

GST means a tax, duty, levy, charge or deduction imposed by the A New Tax System (Goods and Services) Tax Act 1999 

Hirer means the person/s, business or company name as the Hirer in the quotation, tax invoice or booking confirmation email 

Invoice means a tax invoice listing the Equipment and/or Services which Adelaide Rustic Hire is providing to the hirer 

Services means any services specified in any quotation, tax invoice or booking confirmation email issued to the hirer by Adelaide Rustic Hire 

Terms means these Terms and Conditions of trading 


  • The hirer accepts full responsibility for the hired Equipment whilst in their possession. The hirer agrees not to modify or permanently attach anything to the equipment for their own purposes whilst in their possession and shall return the equipment in the same condition as the hirer received it.  
  • The hirer must not use the equipment at locations other than what has been specified in the agreement. 
  • Any extension of the equipment must be agreed to by the parties in writing.  
  • Once the hired equipment is in possession of the hirer, it is the responsibility of the hirer to handle and operate the equipment in a safe and sensible manner.  


  • Price listed on the quotation, tax invoice or booking confirmation email is in Australian Dollars (AUD), with GST itemised 
  • Deposits due for hire equipment (excluding the Chevrolet Truck) are a flat $40 which is non-refundable. Payment of the deposit will constitute acceptance of the Terms and Conditions contained in this agreement and once payment has been received, this will secure your booking.  
  • The balance payment owed by the hirer for the equipment as specified in the quote, tax invoice or booking confirmation email is due one week prior to the event date and must be paid in full.  
  • Adelaide Rustic Hire may charge at their discretion additional fees where there are location changes, order changes and/or multiple delivery or collection locations.  
  • Where a booking is placed less than seven days prior to the event date, the full price must be paid in full.  
  • Payment can be made by direct deposit, cash on delivery (if agreed between the hirer and Adelaide Rustic Hire prior) or credit card (surcharge may apply) 
  • Should the hirer wish to cancel the booking, hirer acknowledges they will forfeit the deposit paid. If the hirer has already paid the booking in full and wishes to cancel the booking, the total amount can be transferred to a rescheduled booking date but will not be refunded to the hirer. 


  • If Adelaide Rustic Hire are to deliver the equipment to the hirer, areas and paths must be clear and provide safe and proper access to the delivery site and be readily accessible. 
  • The hirer must inform Adelaide Rustic Hire if the equipment is to be delivered any different than ground level. Additional fees may apply if the equipment is delivered at any other level than ground level. 
  • The delivery and return of equipment is at the expense of the hirer.  
  • It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure the measurements of the equipment is appropriate for the event space including door spaces, garages, paths down the side of premises and ceiling heights. If any equipment does not safely fit, Adelaide Rustic Hire reserve the right to refuse delivery and the hirer will not be entitled to a refund of any monies paid to Adelaide Rustic Hire.  
  • If for whatever reason Adelaide Rustic Hire is unable to gain access to the premises for collection of the equipment, Adelaide Rustic Hire may at their discretion charge additional fees.  


  • If the equipment is collected by the hirer from Adelaide Rustic Hire, the equipment on behalf of the hirer, they are required to provide valid photo identification in place of the hirer.  
  • The hirer accepts full responsibility to check that the correct items and quantities of the equipment are as listed on the tax invoice prior to leaving the premises of Adelaide Rustic Hire.  
  • The hirer accepts full responsibility to return the equipment at a date and time as agreed with Adelaide Rustic Hire. If the equipment is not returned by the hirer by the time and date agreed, Adelaide Rustic Hire may at their discretion charge additional fees.  


  • The hirer is responsible for the equipment from the time of being in possession to the time of return to Adelaide Rustic Hire. 
  • The hirer agrees and acknowledges that it must pay for all damage to and/or loss of the equipment if damaged whilst in their possession. 
  • Payment of the damaged or lost equipment will be invoiced to the hirer and payment will be required immediately upon issuing the tax invoice.  
  • All damaged equipment must be returned to Adelaide Rustic Hire.  
  • In the event of an incident of theft or malicious damage to the equipment, the hirer must immediately notify South Australian Police Officers League (SAPOL) and provide the police reference number to Adelaide Rustic Hire upon its request.  
  • The hirer will not be entitled to a refund under this agreement where the equipment becomes unavailable for use due to theft that occurs to the equipment or damage during the booking.  


  • Unless prior consent has been given to the hirer by Adelaide Rustic Hire, the equipment must not be sub-hired or sub-leased. 


  • Information collected via our website, telephone, email or in person is respected and only used for the purposes of providing the highest service to you, the hirer. 
  • At no time will any personal information be shared or sold to a third party.   
  • Your personal information and details will be held strictly confidential within our database unless we suspect you are in breach of our Terms and Conditions and Adelaide Rustic Hire has to engage relevant authorities.   


  • If Adelaide Rustic Hire is unable at any time to perform its obligations under this agreement due to a Force Majeure Event, Adelaide Rustic Hire will not be liable to the hirer.  


  • The hirer accepts the Terms and Conditions once a booking confirmation email has been sent from Adelaide Rustic Hire with an attached tax invoice due for payment. 
  • The hirer accepts these Terms and Conditions unconditionally and acknowledges that Adelaide Rustic Hire always remains the legal owner of the equipment at all times.