Adelaide Rustic Hire

About Us

From Humble Beginnings...

With a pen and paper, a small amount of money and big ideas around the dining table, we stumbled across a niche market and in 2018, Adelaide Rustic Hire was born. Our main goal was to create something distinctive and be a future talking point for years to come. 

What we love about our business is that we are providing a wonderful future for our family. Having two young children, we strive to lay the foundation of hard work and show them that it is possible to achieve anything if you set your mind to it. We hope that one day they will look at what Mum and Dad have accomplished and think, ‘Wow!’, knowing they were right there with us through the journey.  

Classic Chevy Truck and the Owner of Adelaide Rustic Hire.

What Sets Us Apart:

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A passion for party!

We are passionate party people! Over the years Adelaide Rustic Hire has had the opportunity to work with Channel 7, multiple bed and breakfast locations around Adelaide, countless restaurants and cafes, wedding venues, wineries, sporting clubs, pubs in rural SA and even interstate all the way up to Northern Queensland!

We are so grateful for the opportunity all our customers provide us, as it takes us places we never envisaged.